Minor cultural barriers

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One thing I’ve found can be troublesome when talking to other Europeans, even when their English is fluent, is the differences in body language and interpretation of body language. There’s an Eastern European girl at work with whom I was having a conversation in the bar last Friday. Now, like many people, I have this thing where if I need to remember something during a conversation, I direct my gaze elsewhere so my mind can concentrate on recalling information rather than keeping someone’s gaze – not something I regarded as unusual or abnormal. Yet she leaned her head to try and regain eye contact and smiled condescendingly as if I was doing it out of shyness. This sort of behaviour is somewhat vexing as it suddenly does distract from thinking about the subject at hand and causes a self-consciousness that might not have been there in the first place.

Another trait I don’t think many foreigners have is the acknowledgement thing when people walk past eachother. When I walk past someone and they know me, even on a level of mild acquaintance, I share a smile, nod, raised eyebrows and maybe an “alright?” But I get the feeling some foreigners feel this is a bit forward and creepy perhaps.



White middle-class liberals and victimology

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A girl has written a ‘rejection’ letter to Magdalen College following an interview based on perceived ‘elitism’.

As you can first of all see, she has that trademark woolly attire and those semi-sarcastic two thumbs up to prove that she’s a witty, ‘wacky’ sort of student. Typical what should follow is to frame herself as a victim (e.g. coming from a state school rather than a private school – a card that middle-class people can use to prove that they’re less well-off than someone else and therefore ‘down with the kids’). She then goes on to complain about the gap between minorities and white middle-class students, as if it has any bearing on her education as a white middle-class student. A friend of mine went to an assessment at Oxbridge (I forget which) and his dad is a forklift driver, yet he perceived no elitism of the sort.

Then she stipulates, after the fact, that her email was not to be taken seriously. It is the modus operandi of liberals to ‘not be serious’ and treat everything with supposed detached sarcasm and irony. Of course, the more astute among us are wise to how loaded their utterances are, seeing right through that veil.

Women being not funny pt. 2

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The original Jizz in My Pants couldn’t have been more obviously male self-deprecation, but we still get this semi-butthurt un-funny reaction which ultimately comes across more as another collective female high-five than an attempt to entertain everyone.

White liberal fetishisation of Africa and the Third World

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As an extension of their love for the exotic and the ‘other’, one of the core features of left-liberalism in the aggregate is romanticising Africa, the Third World as a whole and their descendants as basically good people, and supporting their interests. In fact, the regard they seem to hold people seems to be correlated with darkness of skin tone and degree of poverty. Yet in this vast world of non-Europe or ‘not-WASP-ia’, we see a world that is almost everything that liberals abhor i.e. everything they have implied and sometimes explicitly stated was the produce of Europeans or more specifically, white middle-class heterosexual males.

In the majority of Third World societies you can find the following things in abundance:

  • Homophobia – being homosexual is regarded as the worst of all sins in some places
  • Extreme tribalism – for example, many African tribes view their near neighbours as the absolute scum of the earth, no matter how closely related they are
  • Inbreeding – consanguineous marriages are far more common in places like the Middle-East (yet when the average liberal thinks ‘inbred’ they think rednecks in US bible belt states)
  • High religiosity – doctrines are seen as absolute in many places and people frequently fight to the death over such affairs
  • High superstitiousness – In some parts of Africa for example, albinos are killed and their body parts used for witchcraft purposes. Africa as a whole is a fascinating tapestry of tribes, each with their own peculiar beliefs
  • Traditional gender roles – only recent sufferage and limitations in women’s rights. For example, forcing women to wear veils over their heads; genital mutilation in Africa
  • Wealth imbalance – Many states have a leader who makes it pretty damn clear they’re in charge and who people must venerate ‘or else’, despite the fact that their administration (if not solely the leader himself) hoards a large portion of wealth. I surmise, in many cases, an amount significant enough to stave off starvation in the short term for many of his subjects

I could go on. From this it looks like I have gone out of my way to paint the Third World as a horrible place out of sheer hatred, but I insist this is all down to honest observation.

I do recall discussing the irony of the situation some time ago, and I put it down to the fact that the Third World is humanity on it’s base level, according to it’s base inclinations. I think more ‘advanced’ people (because that’s as politely as it can be put) have a tendency to be more introspective and second-guess themselves more, which leads to good things like innovation but bad things such as counter-intuitive belief systems. This to me is apparently why the First World is so ‘progressive’. With that in mind, it amazes me how the contradiction between Western progressivism and allowing a large influx of migrants from very regressive cultures has not forced its way into public discussion like some uncomfortable topics seem to be doing at the moment. Most likely it is a simple case of victimology and feel-good narrative being the only constant.


Building on a recent Chateau article on the effect of friends

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The Chateau has published what I find to be a very relevant article about the detriment that one’s friend circle can have on one’s quest for alphadom and there is plenty that I consider necessary to add.

First of all, he’s on the money. Slough off those friends you’ve been out with too many times, who make knowing condescending retorts to things you say and make you look like some kind of social dependant. Even if their behaviour towards you doesn’t shape other people’s perception of you, your self-perception will still be affected and this will colour how onlookers perceive said friends’ behaviour towards you, if they are not able to surmise your status from your behaviour alone. It’s very much a ‘Hell is Other People’ sort of thing.

You’d be surprised what making new friends on a ‘false’ alpha front can do. It’s good to ‘go along with it’ when an alpha guy talks to you about girls on his level under the assumption that you’re as alpha as he is. In a pub/bar/club or similar social environment, you can use this moment to assimilate into his world, albeit only briefly. You will be assumed to be complicit in his conquests and thus on his level, unless your body language is noticeably aberrant. Whilst you have the benefit of not being in fight-or-flight mode as mimicing his characteristics makes you appear less outcome oriented, this isn’t a surefire way of getting laid, but at least you will know what it’s like in his realm. Just try and remember and internalise that frame of mind you were in.

On a less positive note, I’ve come to this resolution with my long-standing best friend. Him seeing his sick girlfriend means I can be my own man again. The following corroborates with Roissy’s article. The friend in question is very much a beta. Not the shy sort, a very ‘forward’ one socially whose failing is being too ostentatious, wordy and outcome-oriented in his behaviour. In social situations, regardless of the company, he would frequently be condescending to me, disproportionately so because he knew what idiosyncratic thought process drove it. This would have a negative effect on my psyche, even when it was intended for good and not out of ill-tempered snarky-ness. Sometimes I think back at times when he’s done this and I get angry. Contrast this with another friend of mine who is considerably more alpha. He’s an upper-middle-class chap (he has many friends with names like ‘Verity’ and ‘Jemima’) with great social acumen and a disarmingly goofy sense of humour. He does not condescend to me in the company of others, quite the contrary. I am finding social situations a lot more positive in the company of people like that, rare as they are. Except the bit about being confused for a gay couple…

Age of the douche

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I’m guessing these guys ‘win’ because they’re at their hedonic peak, get loads of pussy and definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, right guys?

I know the point is that by garnering a bad reaction, it gives them publicity, thus making them super-duper-post-post-ironic whatever wind-up merchants. Good for them.

Given the somewhat cyclical nature of culture/society, when is the point going to come when the common denominator realises there’s clearly a pissing contest and race-to-the-bottom going on here? The imperative of this ‘ironic’ movement may look like an innocent opportunity taken to annoy the po-faced. However, this sort of cultural trend to me is, to me, part of a larger concerted effort to scoff at people who take anything seriously at all or values above hedonism (which can be linked to the present modish liberal view).

If you think about it, ironic posturing is the path of least resistance as it takes the least effort to have no values at all. No self-discipline, no sacrifice for a greater cause, no ostracism or ridicule. You make a great party guest. This makes ‘irony as an end in itself’ the ultimate form of cowardice. It’s just the nature of the beast that they’ll never realise or care.

Kali Yuga, indeed.



Men in not fancying ‘funny’ women shocker

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So the Independent has said that men don’t go for ‘funny’ women.

I agree with the majority of what the article says, but it omits these unpopular truths or omits saying them directly:

  • Going by the adage that eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, normal-functioning men are evolutionarily programmed with humour to attract mates – humour breaks the ice and wins people over. Therefore, the onus has been on men, not women to be funny, therefore…
  • Women, on the whole, are not funny. The more attractive they are, the less genuinely funny they’ll be, as a rule. Their beauty suffices. Female comedians tend to be less attractive as that’s how they try and compensate, usually through having plenty of self-deprecation. Even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll provoke belly laughs out of men. Women are also more likely to used comedy as veiled self-righteous preaching or deconstructivism, relying very much on the deliberate laughter of the audience to feel good about themselves for supporting such a progressive cause
  • With that in mind, men dislike ‘funny’ women, not necessarily because it’s intimidating but because they’re genuinely unfunny. However, if her humour is superior to his, it gives her hand, which is kind of emasculating. The worst case scenario is an overconfident foghorn who thinks that her shit-for-brains prole humour and teasing men are gonna win anyone over. Worst of all, they always frame their lack of male interest as men being intimidated rather than how boner-killing their ostentatious behaviour is to the other sex

To the contrary, the following is worth noting, in my experience:

  • It’s easier to feel at home with women who laugh at what men laugh at. Sharing the lulz is a form of bonding, especially if the girl shares your bizarre/in-jokey/nerdy sense of humour
  • Women who openly frame themselves as such that every guy is trying to get into her pants (even if it is the case) and make no effort to be pleasant do not make good company for anyone except the most natural of alphas. It’s good to break the ice just so people don’t perceive you as a cold bitch. There are better ways of sloughing off beta orbiters if they become too cloying

If anyone wants to link to some YouTube vids of good female comedians, feel welcome.