Liberal blasts trademark liberal behaviours

My apologies for my absence. Naturally you’ve been getting on with your lives, and so have I.

I have a bisexual male friend who is an outspoken liberal, pro-feminist and general left-leaner. On Facebook I am subject to his rants on a daily basis and although we occupy different parts of the political spectrum, we’re often on the same page in a strange way. What we share is a massive disdain for the hypersensitive, how-dare-you breed of liberal. We seem to have both started out as liberals in our teens and got incredibly fed-up with insufferable self-righteous hand-flapping, yet whilst his response was to carry on strengthening his views and convictions whilst distancing himself from those types, I ended up completely deconstructing (ah the irony!) left/liberalism itself and turning in the other direction, more or less.

Anyway, he posted a link to this article on a very ‘progressive’ website:

It’s like a political equivalent of Chris Rock’s views on black people. Whatever conservatives hate about liberals, liberals really hate about liberals. I think any alternative movement to liberalism needs to have had some adequate social experience with liberals, which I’m really not observing in large amounts of say, the American Right, who live in a country vast enough that conservatives will live in their own enclaves (unlike smaller countries where the regional variation in political views is less pronounced) and through lack of experience of liberal social experience, tics, memes, tropes etcetera, open themselves up to ridicule from liberals. Same applies to hermits and assorted loners that occupy a lot of the fringe right.

I’m really waiting for a movement that’s made up of more socially savvy, perhaps former liberals who can into the liberal psyche and effect change, or at least have some fun winding them up.

~ by CallistoRising on October 18, 2012.

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