Traditionalism and its effect on future generations’ sexual market

I’ve been thinking for some time how society’s mores affect the sexual market in future, namely what sort of a population SMV-wise will a traditionalist society produce in future generations to come? I’m thinking 1950s US style traditionalism, perhaps even more so say, India and places where arranged marriages are commonplace or perhaps even the norm.

Y’see, in such a one-man one-pussy society that stresses the importance of marrying and ‘settling down’ with kids, people won’t compete so much; in other words they will invest less time in ‘playing around’ to eventually find someone of high enough quality to procreate with. People aren’t selecting for high-SMV but for long-term provider values and it ends up being a matter of being in the right place at the right time (and perhaps being of the right caste). This might explain why there are a lot of unattractive people in the middle-east and far more attractive people in Sweden (a place known for its liberal values), ignoring racial differences for a moment there.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t all boil down to these social values, but I’d certainly wager that it has an influence on the general attractiveness of a population. And if so, that does present sort an issue for people who are both pro-game and on the Right, if you see what I’m saying. Or does it? Let me know what you think.



~ by CallistoRising on April 19, 2012.

One Response to “Traditionalism and its effect on future generations’ sexual market”

  1. I think that the overall attractiveness may drop, but it would be so small an effect as to be negligible. After all, even when other values predominate in terms of mate-selection, everything usually starts with physical attraction. This has been true for any society without arranged marriages (and perhaps for some with arranged marriages).

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