Freaky cosmetic surgery I never knew existed

(Click on vid to see other vids including animation of more messed up maxillofacial surgery)

Now, I’m admittedly somewhat dorky looking. Like a less gormless Napoleon Dynamite, I guess. But having had successful orthodonic surgery in my teens, not having any congenital facial problems that would necessitate maxillofacial surgery and not had any nasty words in the playground aside from the teeth, I would far rather keep my face, work the hell out and improve my person than look like Buzz Lightyear or the surgeon from Escape from LA, not to mention the mild social stigma that comes with plastic surgery.

Furthermore, there’s the genetic element. As my father was adopted and has no knowledge of or willingness to research his ancestry, looking at myself in the mirror is a source of fascination and speculation. I wouldn’t want to take that away. Whatever my paternal roots are, I’m proud of them. I’m of a general Nordish composition, albeit not in the Dolph Lundgren way. I’m cool with that.

~ by CallistoRising on March 6, 2012.

One Response to “Freaky cosmetic surgery I never knew existed”

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