Which is worse?

So there were these 4 quite attractive friends-of-friends sat at the table in the pub last night. There was some good banter going but they eventually disappeared to go to the godawful club night next door. One of my friends chastised us for not following them in as they were “blatantly up for it”, though he couldn’t be bothered to pay entry, so we left it at that.

These situations give rise to a dilemma. Does one risk the extra loss of cash being a beta orbiter (which it will be, however much you disguise it with game) for the small chance of success, or maintain dignity and go home alone? I think I need to find better environments for game that aren’t just bars and clubs, as they inevitably contain certain characters and you’ll have to put up with the hordes of typical Friday night berks. The thing with me is the sorts of girls I find most alluring in terms of their personality don’t tend to be club hounds as such. I think I probably just need a meaningful pursuit outside of work and my musical endeavours. The latter isn’t affording me much human interaction at this time as I am not currently performing, but that will eventually change and I am confident that I will win many new friends from the quality of the material I’ll release soon.

Unless I hone some serious game, it’s just a miserable, tedious grind until then.


~ by CallistoRising on February 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Which is worse?”

  1. I’m in a very similar situation myself, right down to being a musician (and not performing much right now). Playing small, local venues is a fast track to immersion in what’s almost always an interesting, dynamic, creative social group full of attractive women. So I need to get on that.

    Until then, I long since made a rule that I don’t do “dates.” In other words I don’t spend money on or do anything special for someone I don’t know or care about. If I hang out with a girl enough that she proves herself to be cool, I’ll take her out. Otherwise, I do the things *I* want to do, and spend money on things *I* want, and if she wants to come along she’s welcome to. So I’m going to a comedy show, she can come along if she wants, but I’m not going to that terrible club afterwards.

    Do I get laid a lot with this? No, it’s not a strategy for getting laid. It’s a strategy for building a foundation of power and self-respect that’s important to *me.* Doesn’t mean shit to most girls but I sleep easy.

    • It’s not exactly from the bible of game, but it’s a generally good attitude and one that I try to remember to live by – to pursue one’s own endeavours. Also it’s consistent with working on being the ‘chased’ and not being the ‘chaser’, and of course that there are groupies for most pursuits. It’s too passive to even be called a game tactic but it allows you to work on long-term goals that will improve your overall SMV (providing you don’t live in total social isolation). Investing time in musical endeavours for example eventually pays off if you have discernible talent and there’s any sort of market for your output.

      If you don’t have natural game, it’s a better strategy than going out on the piss every Friday night. Did Bill Gates a treat. And what’s more, if you’re loved at the end of it, it’s the best kind of love, knowing you stayed true to your ideals. I think this post of yours that I just stumbled across puts it right.

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