The female pecking order

One of many things that bucks the idea of inherent moral superiority of female is how they form their friendship circles. Something I think most people have subconsciously noticed is how a given circle of female friends appear to be of the same level of attractiveness. I notice this with alarming frequency and I have been often able to infer how hot a girl’s friends might be by how hot she is. Sometimes it’s even as specific as the 5-6’s hanging out with other 5-6’s. If a girl is so angelic and altruistic, why does she only consort with people of her level of attractiveness? Surely a good person is bosom-buddies with everyone, right? I’m sure there’s nothing rocket science about the motives behind it. I imagine it’s the same function as any other social pecking order and that women’s sexual market value is predominately based on her looks.

However, the same only partially true for men, whose sexual market value is based on a combination of factors or gestalt qualities, if you will. Even then, men will often happily traverse these invisible barriers where there is a higher goal involved. Seldom have I seen such behaviour by females, at least not above a certain threshold of attractiveness.

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~ by CallistoRising on February 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “The female pecking order”

  1. It’s a long time since I was out “on the pull”. I seem to recall the accepted “wisdom”, for both boys and girls, was to trail around with a group who (in your opinion!) were not so good looking as you, so you always stood out from the pack and got first dibs. Has this changed?

    • That’s what you would have thought, but the flipside for guys at least is befriending upward means being around those with greater ‘access’ and subsequently greater chances for you. Also for guys, befriending too far downward (e.g. with the ‘nerds’) will make you look like a nerd. I think a combination of cooperation and rejection and whatnot means the net effect of people hanging out with those equal to them. That’s the net result if everyone befriends downwards anyway, I’d say.

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