White middle-class liberals and victimology

A girl has written a ‘rejection’ letter to Magdalen College following an interview based on perceived ‘elitism’.

As you can first of all see, she has that trademark woolly attire and those semi-sarcastic two thumbs up to prove that she’s a witty, ‘wacky’ sort of student. Typical what should follow is to frame herself as a victim (e.g. coming from a state school rather than a private school – a card that middle-class people can use to prove that they’re less well-off than someone else and therefore ‘down with the kids’). She then goes on to complain about the gap between minorities and white middle-class students, as if it has any bearing on her education as a white middle-class student. A friend of mine went to an assessment at Oxbridge (I forget which) and his dad is a forklift driver, yet he perceived no elitism of the sort.

Then she stipulates, after the fact, that her email was not to be taken seriously. It is the modus operandi of liberals to ‘not be serious’ and treat everything with supposed detached sarcasm and irony. Of course, the more astute among us are wise to how loaded their utterances are, seeing right through that veil.

~ by CallistoRising on January 21, 2012.

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