White liberal fetishisation of Africa and the Third World

As an extension of their love for the exotic and the ‘other’, one of the core features of left-liberalism in the aggregate is romanticising Africa, the Third World as a whole and their descendants as basically good people, and supporting their interests. In fact, the regard they seem to hold people seems to be correlated with darkness of skin tone and degree of poverty. Yet in this vast world of non-Europe or ‘not-WASP-ia’, we see a world that is almost everything that liberals abhor i.e. everything they have implied and sometimes explicitly stated was the produce of Europeans or more specifically, white middle-class heterosexual males.

In the majority of Third World societies you can find the following things in abundance:

  • Homophobia – being homosexual is regarded as the worst of all sins in some places
  • Extreme tribalism – for example, many African tribes view their near neighbours as the absolute scum of the earth, no matter how closely related they are
  • Inbreeding – consanguineous marriages are far more common in places like the Middle-East (yet when the average liberal thinks ‘inbred’ they think rednecks in US bible belt states)
  • High religiosity – doctrines are seen as absolute in many places and people frequently fight to the death over such affairs
  • High superstitiousness – In some parts of Africa for example, albinos are killed and their body parts used for witchcraft purposes. Africa as a whole is a fascinating tapestry of tribes, each with their own peculiar beliefs
  • Traditional gender roles – only recent sufferage and limitations in women’s rights. For example, forcing women to wear veils over their heads; genital mutilation in Africa
  • Wealth imbalance – Many states have a leader who makes it pretty damn clear they’re in charge and who people must venerate ‘or else’, despite the fact that their administration (if not solely the leader himself) hoards a large portion of wealth. I surmise, in many cases, an amount significant enough to stave off starvation in the short term for many of his subjects

I could go on. From this it looks like I have gone out of my way to paint the Third World as a horrible place out of sheer hatred, but I insist this is all down to honest observation.

I do recall discussing the irony of the situation some time ago, and I put it down to the fact that the Third World is humanity on it’s base level, according to it’s base inclinations. I think more ‘advanced’ people (because that’s as politely as it can be put) have a tendency to be more introspective and second-guess themselves more, which leads to good things like innovation but bad things such as counter-intuitive belief systems. This to me is apparently why the First World is so ‘progressive’. With that in mind, it amazes me how the contradiction between Western progressivism and allowing a large influx of migrants from very regressive cultures has not forced its way into public discussion like some uncomfortable topics seem to be doing at the moment. Most likely it is a simple case of victimology and feel-good narrative being the only constant.


~ by CallistoRising on January 16, 2012.

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