Building on a recent Chateau article on the effect of friends

The Chateau has published what I find to be a very relevant article about the detriment that one’s friend circle can have on one’s quest for alphadom and there is plenty that I consider necessary to add.

First of all, he’s on the money. Slough off those friends you’ve been out with too many times, who make knowing condescending retorts to things you say and make you look like some kind of social dependant. Even if their behaviour towards you doesn’t shape other people’s perception of you, your self-perception will still be affected and this will colour how onlookers perceive said friends’ behaviour towards you, if they are not able to surmise your status from your behaviour alone. It’s very much a ‘Hell is Other People’ sort of thing.

You’d be surprised what making new friends on a ‘false’ alpha front can do. It’s good to ‘go along with it’ when an alpha guy talks to you about girls on his level under the assumption that you’re as alpha as he is. In a pub/bar/club or similar social environment, you can use this moment to assimilate into his world, albeit only briefly. You will be assumed to be complicit in his conquests and thus on his level, unless your body language is noticeably aberrant. Whilst you have the benefit of not being in fight-or-flight mode as mimicing his characteristics makes you appear less outcome oriented, this isn’t a surefire way of getting laid, but at least you will know what it’s like in his realm. Just try and remember and internalise that frame of mind you were in.

On a less positive note, I’ve come to this resolution with my long-standing best friend. Him seeing his sick girlfriend means I can be my own man again. The following corroborates with Roissy’s article. The friend in question is very much a beta. Not the shy sort, a very ‘forward’ one socially whose failing is being too ostentatious, wordy and outcome-oriented in his behaviour. In social situations, regardless of the company, he would frequently be condescending to me, disproportionately so because he knew what idiosyncratic thought process drove it. This would have a negative effect on my psyche, even when it was intended for good and not out of ill-tempered snarky-ness. Sometimes I think back at times when he’s done this and I get angry. Contrast this with another friend of mine who is considerably more alpha. He’s an upper-middle-class chap (he has many friends with names like ‘Verity’ and ‘Jemima’) with great social acumen and a disarmingly goofy sense of humour. He does not condescend to me in the company of others, quite the contrary. I am finding social situations a lot more positive in the company of people like that, rare as they are. Except the bit about being confused for a gay couple…


~ by CallistoRising on January 11, 2012.

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