Age of the douche

I’m guessing these guys ‘win’ because they’re at their hedonic peak, get loads of pussy and definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, right guys?

I know the point is that by garnering a bad reaction, it gives them publicity, thus making them super-duper-post-post-ironic whatever wind-up merchants. Good for them.

Given the somewhat cyclical nature of culture/society, when is the point going to come when the common denominator realises there’s clearly a pissing contest and race-to-the-bottom going on here? The imperative of this ‘ironic’ movement may look like an innocent opportunity taken to annoy the po-faced. However, this sort of cultural trend to me is, to me, part of a larger concerted effort to scoff at people who take anything seriously at all or values above hedonism (which can be linked to the present modish liberal view).

If you think about it, ironic posturing is the path of least resistance as it takes the least effort to have no values at all. No self-discipline, no sacrifice for a greater cause, no ostracism or ridicule. You make a great party guest. This makes ‘irony as an end in itself’ the ultimate form of cowardice. It’s just the nature of the beast that they’ll never realise or care.

Kali Yuga, indeed.



~ by CallistoRising on January 5, 2012.

One Response to “Age of the douche”

  1. I love your points on irony. It’s a little depressing that an act like this can get such commercial success. For the most part music is made by dedicated artists with real motives, so I can’t complain too much. But the thought of thousands of dollars going into these kids’ pockets is a little infuriating.

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