Men in not fancying ‘funny’ women shocker

So the Independent has said that men don’t go for ‘funny’ women.

I agree with the majority of what the article says, but it omits these unpopular truths or omits saying them directly:

  • Going by the adage that eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, normal-functioning men are evolutionarily programmed with humour to attract mates – humour breaks the ice and wins people over. Therefore, the onus has been on men, not women to be funny, therefore…
  • Women, on the whole, are not funny. The more attractive they are, the less genuinely funny they’ll be, as a rule. Their beauty suffices. Female comedians tend to be less attractive as that’s how they try and compensate, usually through having plenty of self-deprecation. Even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll provoke belly laughs out of men. Women are also more likely to used comedy as veiled self-righteous preaching or deconstructivism, relying very much on the deliberate laughter of the audience to feel good about themselves for supporting such a progressive cause
  • With that in mind, men dislike ‘funny’ women, not necessarily because it’s intimidating but because they’re genuinely unfunny. However, if her humour is superior to his, it gives her hand, which is kind of emasculating. The worst case scenario is an overconfident foghorn who thinks that her shit-for-brains prole humour and teasing men are gonna win anyone over. Worst of all, they always frame their lack of male interest as men being intimidated rather than how boner-killing their ostentatious behaviour is to the other sex

To the contrary, the following is worth noting, in my experience:

  • It’s easier to feel at home with women who laugh at what men laugh at. Sharing the lulz is a form of bonding, especially if the girl shares your bizarre/in-jokey/nerdy sense of humour
  • Women who openly frame themselves as such that every guy is trying to get into her pants (even if it is the case) and make no effort to be pleasant do not make good company for anyone except the most natural of alphas. It’s good to break the ice just so people don’t perceive you as a cold bitch. There are better ways of sloughing off beta orbiters if they become too cloying

If anyone wants to link to some YouTube vids of good female comedians, feel welcome.

~ by CallistoRising on January 4, 2012.

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