Independent lists Top 10 male & female ‘naughty’ and ‘bright’ names according to teachers

Results from a recent poll of what names identify pupils as naughty or bright according to teachers in the UK, have been published in The Independent.

Not that this is news to me. It’s incredibly easy to tell a feral or petulant prole by their name. I remember the visceral hatred I felt when new kids would join my primary school with names like ‘Callum’. It makes me think of either a congenital chav or just a fat sack of proletarian mediocrity. A name like Brooklyn is either a sign of white trash Beckham wannabes or the product of a mixed-race one night stand. ‘Courtney’ I definitely remember being yelled in public playgrounds in insufferable nasal tones.

I associate most of the bright girls’ names with not just good academic performance but charm as well. I do however, know some none-too-bright Charlottes and Abigails. Grace is a scene chick’s name and/or a sign of of up-themselves or annoyingly eccentric parents. Ditto Megan, whilst I’m at it, even more so any deviations from that spelling like Meghan or Meaghan or Meahohaohaohghghain.



~ by CallistoRising on January 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Independent lists Top 10 male & female ‘naughty’ and ‘bright’ names according to teachers”

  1. I think the childs background has more to do with their naughyness than their actual name though the name is often a big clue into the background of that child. Names like Jack, Alfie and Callum usually indicate parents who enjoy watching trashy TV and reading gossip mags. On the flip side names like William and Christopher are more conservative names which might indicate the parents are older or value education higher than their reality TV watching counterparts?

    Only a thought but that’s my take on it.

    • Of course a name itself doesn’t make a child naughty, but it is a vague indication of the values of their parents and I guess the stratum of society that they occupy.

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