Scotland mulling over closer ties with Scandinavia in the event of independence

The Scottish National Party is exploring closer ties with Scandinavia should they become independent from the rest of the UK, apparently based on supposed common historical roots.

By virtue of this I believe England should be part of this as well. We are after all, aside from the old Celtic remnants, are significantly of Viking/Germanic stock and sensibility (although we have since become a bunch of rootless, insular philistines). If it would restore our Germanic sensibilities (or rather, our awareness of it) and rekindle a sense of our roots, then I’d be all for it. No other country is so disengaged from their ancient culture(s). English nationalism/racial identity, as far as the proletarian majority that espouse it, is far too much based on football hooligan/bulldog/crusader chic – nothing that harks back more than a few hundred years. I’m sick and tired of hearing smug dismissals like “we were invaded by just about every tribe so we have no identity, let’s just be citizens of the world.” We need to define ourselves just like every other group of people, because if everybody belongs, then nobody does. Cue atomization and subsequent social ills.

Wales and Ireland are of course, Celtic strongholds with, but then so is Scotland. Finland is also non-Germanic yet is part of many Nordic councils. Northern Europeans, despite their diversity (Celtic, Germanic, Finnic) have a shared general disposition and I think we should definitely start regarding ourselves as a larger family and not some insular beings on two islands.

The brunt of this post is emotional, I must admit. I’ve visited Sweden, Denmark and also continental Germanic nations including Holland and Germany. They all seem to feel distantly familiar, that they have something the English had but somehow lost.

~ by CallistoRising on December 9, 2011.

One Response to “Scotland mulling over closer ties with Scandinavia in the event of independence”

  1. Although the United States does not suffer from quite the variety of teeth-grinding political correctness as the U.K., the phenomenon of cultural nihilism is much more pronounced here. I’ve never visited England, but I have a similar feeling toward England as you do about the Continent.

    All I can say is, thank God the New Right is pan-Western.

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