The horrors of Facebook

Every time I get a friend request from someone that I like enough to accept, and that person is of non-white origins (or certain people veering to the left), I find myself having to go through my profile, get rid of anything that may be overtly racist and adjust my privacy settings so they can’t see my potentially-interpretable-as-racist comments (i.e. arguments about multiculturalism). Dishonest? Cowardly? Perhaps. But it stems from my need to compartmentalise my social life (something I will probably go into another time) and also not to alienate people who could be good friends. Such is the problem of being a nice guy with unfortunate views on the world!


~ by CallistoRising on September 4, 2011.

One Response to “The horrors of Facebook”

  1. lol. i used to make more politicized statements on facebook, but they’re heavily veiled now and deceptively innocent sounding. it gives me perverse pleasure to know that some leftist “liked” my status not understanding the full implications of it.

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