Riots across the UK – a blow for left-liberalism

I decided to first gather my thoughts but of course things are constantly developing and I feel now is the right time to air my feelings. As I’m sure you are away, there are scenes of chaos in a number of UK cities these past few days, sparked by the death of Mark Duggan, who was allegedly shot by police, with no clear story yet as to whether he himself was armed and if so, if he fired any shots. The protests in Tottenham turned ugly, and proles across the country see perfect opportunity to run riot with no sense of direction except to acquire consumer goods for free.

What I think this spells for the Left is that it not only bucks the notion of the inherent virtue of the poor, but also the revolutionary narrative – no revolution is going to be conducted by people so solipsistic and degenerate, only destruction and desecration. The vast majority of my left-oriented friends have actually caved – “fuck it, I hate them, the scum” is more or less the sentiment. Of course, a faction does remain in the Left of people making victims out of opportunistic thuggery and in some cases even encouraging them, but as the violence worsens and it impacts other poor people and ethnic minorities, their pro-victim circuits begin to frazzle.

When these things occur in small isolated incidents, one’s qualms about moronic football-hooligan type right-wing groups are genuine, but the Skype footage of seven dozen off angry Millwall fans actually invoked positive feelings. I must admit, with respect to my non-Caucasian readers (if you exist), an atavistic, evolutionary side of me hoped last night that some kind of volkisch resurgence would occur. Alas, it would not come in the form of a Nietzschean superman elite but in the form of simple-minded racial Marxist, but life is compromise after all. Of course, I am wary to the possibility it might aggravate the situation into a racial one, when in fact these thugs are not ‘the black people’ but the unprincipled underclass hominids of our society. Fortunately, as I watch the TV right now, other ethnic communities are sticking up for themselves against looters and arsonists. I hope if something comes of this it’s “civil engagement is good; entitlement state is bad”, or at least more open discourse.


~ by CallistoRising on August 9, 2011.

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  1. non-Caucasian readers (if you exist)

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