Sometimes good things happen

This weekend I followed my favourite band on two consecutive dates. Unfortunately their charismatic frontman was taken ill so two guys from the support bands filled in on vocals. They didn’t know all the lyrics so they screamed through the bits they didn’t know. I was allowed onstage to do vocals for one of the songs in lieu of their knowledge, which on the spur on the moment I gave my all. I left the show absolutely buzzed. The second show had a closer friend of the band filling in who knew more if not all of the lyrics, and the sound was much better.

On an objective level, both shows went terribly, but given the past misfortunes of the band and the visceral experience of hearing your favourite songs the bass drum pounding at your chest, I couldn’t have been happier. Being 0nstage with them for a moment felt better than a whole tour with my former band – however it went down with the audience. This is the stuff I live for and it’s as if all of a sudden I have a new lease of confidence. I feel that getting my music onto the live stage is a matter of urgency.

I find that happiness like this gives you some kind of momentum – every day trials and tribulations are treated with a more positive attitude and my demeanour more confident. I can’t guarantee the feeling will last but I hope it does.

~ by CallistoRising on July 10, 2011.

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