Slutwalk speculations

So the slutwalk is all the rage across different parts of the West now. Now that we’ve seen it being prompted by different unpopular remarks, firstly the Canadian policemen that advised that students put themselves at risk by dressing like sluts, and Ken Clarke’s admittedly unfortunate remarks that trivialised rapes.

The immediate kneejerk reaction was that the Canadian policeman was saying that girls who dressed in a revealing manner were more to blame for being raped because of it. He had never implied anything of the sort – I for one think the man is always 100% responsible in a rape case as he always has the choice not to; following one’s primitive compulsions is not an excuse. But clearly most of this slutwalk crowd were upset because it implied a cause/effect logic (wear more revealing clothes and men will make more sexual advances towards you) when in typical modern fashion, they want to do whatever they please without accountability and never to have to live up to any standards. Too hard, too repressive!

Also just look at the crowd – hardly anyone in danger of having any sexual advances made on them any time soon (there was even a cripple in suspenders!), save a minority desperate losers and of course male sycophants zealously trying to agree their way into the pants of these self-righteous foghorns, eagerly willing to doom themselves to lives of platitude-laden servility. Perhaps these slutwalks provide an opportunity for these people to prop up a passing illusion that they exist as objects of desire. To quote Roissy, every girl wants to feel like a ‘Princess On A Cloud Carried Aloft By Admiring Suitors’. Deep down, these girls want someone to say ‘no’ to in the first place.

~ by CallistoRising on June 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “Slutwalk speculations”

  1. If nothing else, the minor complaints of the slutwalkers should help to underline just how few serious problems women have left.

  2. “Deep down, these girls want someone to say ‘no’ to in the first place.”

    I think they also want someone to tell them “no,” if that makes any sense. Imagine the excitement of a slut-walker if she were to be arrested for some reason during a slut walk. She would undoubtedly be infuriated, but inside she’d be on Cloud 9.

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