Liberal blasts trademark liberal behaviours

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My apologies for my absence. Naturally you’ve been getting on with your lives, and so have I.

I have a bisexual male friend who is an outspoken liberal, pro-feminist and general left-leaner. On Facebook I am subject to his rants on a daily basis and although we occupy different parts of the political spectrum, we’re often on the same page in a strange way. What we share is a massive disdain for the hypersensitive, how-dare-you breed of liberal. We seem to have both started out as liberals in our teens and got incredibly fed-up with insufferable self-righteous hand-flapping, yet whilst his response was to carry on strengthening his views and convictions whilst distancing himself from those types, I ended up completely deconstructing (ah the irony!) left/liberalism itself and turning in the other direction, more or less.

Anyway, he posted a link to this article on a very ‘progressive’ website:

It’s like a political equivalent of Chris Rock’s views on black people. Whatever conservatives hate about liberals, liberals really hate about liberals. I think any alternative movement to liberalism needs to have had some adequate social experience with liberals, which I’m really not observing in large amounts of say, the American Right, who live in a country vast enough that conservatives will live in their own enclaves (unlike smaller countries where the regional variation in political views is less pronounced) and through lack of experience of liberal social experience, tics, memes, tropes etcetera, open themselves up to ridicule from liberals. Same applies to hermits and assorted loners that occupy a lot of the fringe right.

I’m really waiting for a movement that’s made up of more socially savvy, perhaps former liberals who can into the liberal psyche and effect change, or at least have some fun winding them up.


Russian girls getting their breasts touched

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Apart from showing how attractive Russian girls are on average, what does this say about Eastern European attitudes to such forward behaviour compared to those in ‘Western’ states? Or perhaps there is a constant and it was something to do with the guy’s looks and/or status and long hard cherrypicking? Thoughts?

Traditionalism and its effect on future generations’ sexual market

•April 19, 2012 • 1 Comment

I’ve been thinking for some time how society’s mores affect the sexual market in future, namely what sort of a population SMV-wise will a traditionalist society produce in future generations to come? I’m thinking 1950s US style traditionalism, perhaps even more so say, India and places where arranged marriages are commonplace or perhaps even the norm.

Y’see, in such a one-man one-pussy society that stresses the importance of marrying and ‘settling down’ with kids, people won’t compete so much; in other words they will invest less time in ‘playing around’ to eventually find someone of high enough quality to procreate with. People aren’t selecting for high-SMV but for long-term provider values and it ends up being a matter of being in the right place at the right time (and perhaps being of the right caste). This might explain why there are a lot of unattractive people in the middle-east and far more attractive people in Sweden (a place known for its liberal values), ignoring racial differences for a moment there.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t all boil down to these social values, but I’d certainly wager that it has an influence on the general attractiveness of a population. And if so, that does present sort an issue for people who are both pro-game and on the Right, if you see what I’m saying. Or does it? Let me know what you think.



Freaky cosmetic surgery I never knew existed

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(Click on vid to see other vids including animation of more messed up maxillofacial surgery)

Now, I’m admittedly somewhat dorky looking. Like a less gormless Napoleon Dynamite, I guess. But having had successful orthodonic surgery in my teens, not having any congenital facial problems that would necessitate maxillofacial surgery and not had any nasty words in the playground aside from the teeth, I would far rather keep my face, work the hell out and improve my person than look like Buzz Lightyear or the surgeon from Escape from LA, not to mention the mild social stigma that comes with plastic surgery.

Furthermore, there’s the genetic element. As my father was adopted and has no knowledge of or willingness to research his ancestry, looking at myself in the mirror is a source of fascination and speculation. I wouldn’t want to take that away. Whatever my paternal roots are, I’m proud of them. I’m of a general Nordish composition, albeit not in the Dolph Lundgren way. I’m cool with that.

‘New breed’ of female virgins

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Well…look at them! Self-justification galore…

Which is worse?

•February 25, 2012 • 2 Comments

So there were these 4 quite attractive friends-of-friends sat at the table in the pub last night. There was some good banter going but they eventually disappeared to go to the godawful club night next door. One of my friends chastised us for not following them in as they were “blatantly up for it”, though he couldn’t be bothered to pay entry, so we left it at that.

These situations give rise to a dilemma. Does one risk the extra loss of cash being a beta orbiter (which it will be, however much you disguise it with game) for the small chance of success, or maintain dignity and go home alone? I think I need to find better environments for game that aren’t just bars and clubs, as they inevitably contain certain characters and you’ll have to put up with the hordes of typical Friday night berks. The thing with me is the sorts of girls I find most alluring in terms of their personality don’t tend to be club hounds as such. I think I probably just need a meaningful pursuit outside of work and my musical endeavours. The latter isn’t affording me much human interaction at this time as I am not currently performing, but that will eventually change and I am confident that I will win many new friends from the quality of the material I’ll release soon.

Unless I hone some serious game, it’s just a miserable, tedious grind until then.

The female pecking order

•February 4, 2012 • 2 Comments

One of many things that bucks the idea of inherent moral superiority of female is how they form their friendship circles. Something I think most people have subconsciously noticed is how a given circle of female friends appear to be of the same level of attractiveness. I notice this with alarming frequency and I have been often able to infer how hot a girl’s friends might be by how hot she is. Sometimes it’s even as specific as the 5-6’s hanging out with other 5-6’s. If a girl is so angelic and altruistic, why does she only consort with people of her level of attractiveness? Surely a good person is bosom-buddies with everyone, right? I’m sure there’s nothing rocket science about the motives behind it. I imagine it’s the same function as any other social pecking order and that women’s sexual market value is predominately based on her looks.

However, the same only partially true for men, whose sexual market value is based on a combination of factors or gestalt qualities, if you will. Even then, men will often happily traverse these invisible barriers where there is a higher goal involved. Seldom have I seen such behaviour by females, at least not above a certain threshold of attractiveness.

Comments are welcome.